Lab services

Our in-house testing services can assess dissolved oxygen, carbonation, cell counts, and yeast viability, and we can facilitate any outside testing you may require. Avoid off flavours and autolysis when re-pitching, saving you money and protecting your batch.

Equipment maintenance

We offer preventative maintenance packages for most brands of craft scale canning equipment. Prebook your service appointments on a recurring basis and rest easy knowing your machine is operating at peak performance.

Process improvement

We can audit your current processes and suggest ways to improve efficiency and reduce waste. Our team’s diverse experience in operations of all sizes means that we have the knowledge to help you no matter what kind of volume you are producing.

Quality control

Onsite quality assurance, including dissolved oxygen testing, seam inspections, and evaluation of temperature and carbonation.

Facility design + planning

We take the guesswork out of your facility design by considering the unique and sometimes confusing needs of production equipment. Let us help you plan for success and create an efficient and scalable operation.

Shelf life + stability testing

Your product should taste as good coming out of the can as it did going in, and we can help make that a reality. Invest in shelf life and stability testing and provide your consumers with a consistent, delicious drinking experience in every can.

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