Blank cans

We stock aluminum cans in several popular and premium sizes. Enjoy volume savings by purchasing multiple pallets and we’ll take care of storage until you’re ready to fill.

Sleeved cans

Shrink sleeved cans are produced in our warehouse using state-of-the-art sleeving equipment. Contact our Creative Services team to learn more about decoration options, including pressure-sensitive labels and printed cans.

Multipack carriers

Craft Coast stocks compostable E6PR/E4PR carriers, as well as Pak-Tech® carriers (recyclable + made from recycled plastic) in 4- and 6-pack formats for Slim, Sleek, + Standard cans in a variety of colours.

Boxes + trays

We offer open trays for easy pack-on and pack-off, as well as enclosed boxes for products that require more protection. For custom printed trays or boxes, contact our Creative Services team.

Brewery chemicals

As a licensed distributor for 5 Star Chemicals, Craft Coast supplies eco-friendly and effective products for cleaning and sanitizing your equipment.


We can store your shrink sleeves, cans, and other large-volume products. Order in bulk for volume savings without taking up valuable space in your facility.

Shipping + logistics

Craft Coast works with a variety of freight carriers and can assist with moving your product anywhere it needs to go.

Parts + instruments

Calipers, micrometers, scales, and more; Craft Coast supplies a range of technical instruments and parts to improve quality and consistency.

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