Let’s Talk Cans!

After a lot of talking to brewers, planning, and raising capital, I am proud to say that Craft Coast Canning will be going live in September 2017!

I recently took a trip to Vancouver and spent some time with the fine folks at West Coast Canning. This trip really solidified for me that the mobile canning concept is a clear win the breweries. The boys at West Coast currently have 3 canning lines on the road and have clients who they package over 100 hl per week for. The breweries love the fact that they do not have to get into the business of sourcing/warehouse packaging materials, purchasing packaging equipment, or training operators to run the line. What I saw was a very professional and efficient service that allows breweries to scale up their production, and focus on their beer! I am very excited to watch the craft beer industry explode in Atlantic Canada, the way that it has on the West Coast.

If you make beer, cider, mead, wine, cold brewed coffee, or any other craft beverage, let’s talk cans! info@craftcoastcanning.com