proudly canning some of the finest craft beverages in atlantic canada

Why can with us?

Times have changed. Consumers demand quality, craft beverages, and in many cases prefer cans.
Go to flexible options as you grow

flexible options as you grow

Let us be your packaging experts and can up to 70 hl in a single session. 1.5 hl minimums give you flexibility as you grow.

Go to Maintain Focus on your product

Maintain Focus on your product

Your passion for craft beverages is what drives you. Let us help you stay focused by showing you our passion… PACKAGING!

Go to Simplify Brewery Operations and save

Simplify Brewery Operations and save

Scaling up to a production brewery means a larger footprint, equipment, people, time, and money. We can help keep it simple and keep overhead low. High speed canning in your existing facility.

Go to Pay as you go pricing model

Pay as you go pricing model

Why tie up capital in expensive equipment and pallets of empty cans? We come to you with everything you need, right when you need it, with pay as you go pricing.

About Us

Craft Coast Canning - Est. 2017

New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia are home to more than 80 of the World's finest craft beverage producers. We think that it is time to start celebrating Canada's "Craft Coast" and start sharing our incredible suds! Our mission is simple: help grow the industry in our region by offering high quality, high speed packaging services. We recognize that automated packaging equipment is a necessity for breweries to grow and scale up their production, but that it is also a major investment. We believe that mobile canning is the answer.

Your passion for brewing is matched only by our passion for packaging. We treat your product with the care that it deserves and ensure to maintain the quality that your customers expect. Let us help you simplify your operations by taking care of packaging, while you focus on your product. We don’t want to be just a supplier, but we want to build a strong partnership.

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